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Nuesoft specialise in providing an exceptional management consultancy service and in the supply and maintenance of NHS Capital Accounting software (CARS) for use in NHS Organisations. If you are a CARS User please Login to enter the secure area of the site.  We also offer individual and group training for NHS Accountants.
CARS Upgraded for new Accounting of Impairments and Gains!
We are pleased to announce that the 2017 release of CARS is now available.  Version 2.16.1 (or above) should now be used by all English NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts.
These changes, designed not only to reflect the latest changes in report layouts but also to support the new accounting of reversal of impairments and gains/losses by NHS Foundation Trusts, are another example of why CARS remains the best Capital Accounting software for NHS Accountants.  No other software is written specifically for NHS Accountants, and no other software provider reacts as quickly as Nuesoft when new functionality is required!  
If you are unclear how to use the new functionality please contact our support desk for clear advice on how best to operate the software.
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