CARS User Day
CARS User Day's are held Bi-Annually, usually in Birmingham.
Recent days have covered such subjects as new requirements of Accounting under IFRS - here are some of the comments we received from our users at the end of the day:
  •    "Most useful IFRS session attended!"
  •    "I have picked up the knowledge in one day equivalent to one weeks reading"
  •    "Greatly enhanced my understanding of IFRS and its relationship with CARS"
The days focus on the new functionality that has been introduced in CARS.

Here is a sample of the subjects that were discussed in previous years:

  • IFRS Standards
  • IFRS Restatement of Balances
  • IFRS Version of CARS
  • How to use Nuesoft's website
  • Splitting and Combining Assets
  • The differences included for PCTs, Foundation Trusts, Scotland and Wales
  • Reclassifying Assets and the difference between Amendments
  • Rules for dates of Revaluations and accounting for Revaluations.

As you will see from our Feedback, many CARS Users do not realise just how much CARS will do for them. If you were not able to attend the day, but would like to know how to get the best out of CARS, or if you are new to your organisation and have never received proper training in how to use CARS, please contact us. We will happily provide in-house training for a standard daily rate, regardless of how many individuals from the same organisation attend. Many CARS users have utilised this facility, and dramatically reduced the amount of time they have to spend in producing their Capital accounts.

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