CARS Upgraded for new Accounting of Impairments and Gains!
We are pleased to announce that the 2017 release of CARS is now available.  Version 2.16.1 (or above) should now be used by all English NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts.
These changes, designed not only to reflect the latest changes in report layouts but also to support the new accounting of reversal of impairments and gains/losses by NHS Foundation Trusts, are another example of why CARS remains the best Capital Accounting software for NHS Accountants.  No other software is written specifically for NHS Accountants, and no other software provider reacts as quickly as Nuesoft when new functionality is required!  
If you are unclear how to use the new functionality please contact our support desk for clear advice on how best to operate the software.

These new changes are in addition to those already introduced in previous versions to include:-

  • Support for Gross Accounting of Impairments
  • Support for Commissioner Requisitioned Services
  • Correct treatment of Impairments
  • Correct treatment of Donated Assets and Cash Donations

This is in addition to the features available to all users which include:-

  • Full double entry bookkeeping, including the production of Reserve balances and the analysis of all Reserves by individual asset
  • Support for Revaluations, Impairments, Assets under Construction, Enhancements, Accelerated Depreciation, Reclassifications, Reversal of Impairments
  • The ability to have Donated Assets and partially Donated Assets without requiring separate elements
  • Support for Assets Held for Sale, Residual Values, Grouped Assets
  • The ability to Split and Combine assets to enable partial disposals, partial AUC etc..
CARS also has a modern user interface, a multi-option Ad-Hoc Report Writer, and the ability to export all its information to many popular file formats.
Demonstration versions of the software are available so that you can make a ’hands on’ evaluation of the product. If you would like more information or would like to arrange a visit from one of our consultants please contact us as outlined below.
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