Support for Foundation Trusts

We have used our extensive experience of NHS accounting to fully support all the new features required by a Foundation Trust. These include:-

  • The ability to distinguish assets used by Commissior Requested Services
  • Support for fixed asset investments
  • Support for the new categories of Intangible assets including Goodwill
  • Modifications to the treatment of Government Grants
  • Changes to the treatment of Impairments to follow the new guidelines
  • Modifications to the treatment of Indexation

This is in addition to the features available to all users which include:-

  • Full double entry bookkeeping, including the production of Reserve balances and the analysis of all Reserves by individual asset
  • Support for Impairments, Assets under Construction, Enhancements, Revaluations, Accelerated Depreciation
  • The ability to have Donated Assets and partially Donated Assets
  • Support for Surplus Assets, Residual Values, Grouped Assets
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