CARS User Days are an opportunity for us to demonstrate new functionality in CARS to our users, and give us the chance to get some feedback at the same time.  This year, when nothing is quite the same for any of us, we have instead run some Beginner's and Advanced Training Sessions remotely via Microsoft Teams.  We miss the interaction that a classroom setting allows, and we hope that these may be reinstated in 2021.

That said, we still received some great feedback from our training sessions in November 2020:-

"You and Tim make a great combination."

"I thought the remote presentation really worked  - as it allowed our team to interact behind the scenes (with camera off) – and explore possibilities."

"I got a glimpse of  how good the system was at year end – and now I am more impressed then ever. So we are going to play with it."

"It was a really good session – and very entertaining."

"Exceptional - good and informative day."

If you would like to know how to get the best out of CARS, or if you are new to your organisation and have never received proper training in how to use CARS, please contact us.  If you are unable to attend one of our group training sessions We will happily provide in-house training for a standard daily rate, regardless of how many individuals from the same organisation attend. Many CARS users have utilised this facility, and dramatically reduced the amount of time they have to spend in producing their Capital accounts.