CARS is our NHS specific Capital Accounting software. The product reflects all the accounting requirements laid down by the various NHS Capital Accounting Manuals and Manuals for Accounts, and is updated annually to reflect any changes - in addition to last year's introduction of a Lease Register - new functionality this year included monthly accounting, reporting for Covid 19 funded assets, a new user interface and a wealth of other changes. CARS can be used by many types of NHS organisation including:

  • Foundation Trusts
  • NHS Trusts
  • Scottish Health Boards
  • Welsh Health Boards

The software is supported by a dedicated team of software developers and accountants.

We guarantee to provide both telephone and email help desk support. Just ask our existing users what they think of our support—ask us to provide a reference.

CARS has a modern user interface, an exciting Ad-Hoc Report Writer, and the ability to export all its information to many popular file formats. All transactions can be imported from spreadsheet.  We believe CARS is unrivalled when it comes to handling the nuances of NHS capital accounting.  All your annual accounts reports are produced for you at the click of a button. The quote we repeatedly hear is "CARS is worth buying for the reporting suite alone!"  We do the hard work for you - so you don't have to - saving you time and money.

We also guarantee to support any future changes in capital accounting requirements - all upgrades are included in our Annual Maintenance charge - so there are no hidden charges or fees for future upgrades.


Our amazing new product contains a full Lease Register and as far as we know is the only product on the market which is bespoke NHS and complies fully with DHSC/NHS Guidance. CARS will continue to be updated to reflect reporting requirements as they are released.

CARS will apply the correct treatment for the migration of Finance and Operating Leases. It accounts for IFRS 16 Leases, Short Term Leases, Low Value Assets and Peppercorn rents. Future releases will introduce accounting for variable lease payments, rent-free periods, reassessment of lease liability and terminating leases.

Leases can be entered individually into the register, or imported in bulk using the spreadsheet provided. CARS can then be used to create matching Right of Use assets.

We have also provided reports to assist the user with their returns – for example they could use the Lease Migration Report and the Lease Repayment Schedule to assist with their January 2020 return.


We have provided a complete suite of standard reports, making annual accounts easy!

In addition to your annual accounts reports, and the corresponding working papers, we also provide Forecasting reports, Analysis of Transactions reports, and a whole suite of Maintenance reports, invaluable for use with auditors.  These include both a Revaluation report and an Assets Under Construction report, detailing all transactions generated when you perform a Revaluation or add an Under Construction asset. 

Note that these reports are now live! If you make changes in any window, or run any calculations, the changes will be immediately reflected in your reports.

CARS has been written to specific NHS requirements and is only used within the NHS in the UK. It understands the differing requirements of NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts and Welsh and Scottish organisations. Examples of this functionality include:

  • Complete support for assets being measured at valuation with detailed reporting available on the Revaluation Reserve
  • Full compliance with Treasury defintions of DEL and AME impairments, including their appropriate accounting
  • Exact understanding of IFRS16 exemptions relating to short-term leases, low-value assets and peppercorn rents
  • Full accounting for all Subsequent Expenditure
  • The inclusion of donated and grant funded assets - even allowing for partially donated assets
  • The ability to account for Intangible assets including internally generated intangible assets
  • Fully account for Assets under Contruction both at the start of their life and during their life
  • Correct treatment of Assets Held for Sale and Non-Operational assets

We hold regular CARS User Days and other training sessions, at various locations throughout the country, enabling us to meet our users and build good relationships with them.  A key part of these sessions is for us to gain feedback from our users and to implement changes to meet their needs or requests wherever possible.  These informal sessions are a great way to improve your knowledge of the system, to keep up to date with reporting requirements and to meet other users.

Our users can also choose to be part of our Whatsapp Group Chat.  Nuesoft manage the group, but it is the users who participate in it.  The purpose of the group is for them to make contact with each other, and to ask questions around Capital, to see how other organisations have dealt with particular scenarios, or to ask advice. Participation in the group is optional.

We are very proud of the support that we provide to our users.  Since the inception of Nuesoft, customer satisfaction has always been a priority.  Our Helpdesk is available daily, via telephone or email, and we pride ourselves on the speed of our response and of resolution of any issues.  Nuesoft's ethos is to be there when you need us - meaning we are even happy to assist with queries out of hours when necessary, such as at year-end.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our users, going out of our way to meet them where possible, so that when they call the Helpdesk they can put a face to a name.  Quite apart from the quality of our product, we believe the support we provide is a major reason why our customer base continues to grow.